Breastfeeding your baby is easy with an Avent Breast Pump

The Avent Breast Pump is one of the leading brands when it comes to breast pumps and milk bottles too. Their breast pumps can be either manual and electrical.

Avent Manual Breast Pump BPA free

An awar winning ISIS Breast Pump that allows mothers to express milk directly into the Avenet reusable bottles or disposable nursers for storage in the fridge or freezer. ISIS is a breakthrough in breast pump design. The unqiue silicone diaphragm of thos breast pump will provide a guaranteed 100 percent reliable, comfortable suction without the needs for the noisy motors or batteries that are common in electric breast pumps. While you pump, a five petal shaped massagers flex in and out which gently massages the area behind the nipple and and as a result, the faster the milk comes out and it is very natural. The Avent manual breast pimp combiones breast and bottle feeding because babies use almost the same suckling technique when feeding from the Avent bootle as they do when feeding at the breast. A manual breast pump can be a good idea.

This Avent Breast Pump package includes:

Bottle stand/funnel cover
ISIS manual breast pump BPA FREE
Breast milk container
1x teat with extra soft, newborn flow nipple
1x sealing disc for milk storage
20x disposable breast pads

Avent Breast Pump BPA FREE ISIS Iq Twin Electric Breast pump

This electric breast pump from Avent comes with a unique active massage cushion for optimum comfort. It comes with clinically proven results as well and it has the ability to remember your personal rhythm. This is because of its unique memore feature that has the ability to lear and continues your personal pumping rhythm for maximum comfort. Its patented soft massage cushion has a unique active massage cushion which is intended to help stimulate natural let-down. Also, it comes with a unique milk storage system.

the avent breast pump
Whatever Avent Breast pump you choose, you will surely have the best of both worlds. Investing on Avent’s breast pumps is the best thing that you can do as the brand itself is considered to be one of the best and many mothers trust Avent when it comes to their baby needs. You will surely love it as well because of its durability and you will be able to use it for years and years even for your next baby as long as you store and maintain it properly. Aside from this, buying an Avent will ensure you that if you need anything for the breast pump, you will easily find it since Avent has complete accessories for the breast pump to make it easier for mothers. An Avent Breast Pump will really make your life easier.

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