Manual breast pump

A manual breast pump works for most nursing mothers. This is because they have total control of the milk they extract from their breasts and they have total control as well when it comes to the pressure. Aside from this, a manual breast pump is silent and does not need batteries. It is bery lighweight and handy as well and you can bring this everywhere.

Manual breats pumps are very affordable as well. Admit it, you might have gotten a bit of a shock to learn the price range of electic breast pumps. However, manually extracting milk from your breasts can be pretty tiresome but you can control the suction as well and the whole process will not be as painful compared with the electric ones. Also, a manual breast pump will definitely save you more money because you don’t have to spend on batteries. It is said as well that electric breast pumps usually have problems and can be very inconvenient. That is why there are still many mothers out there that opt for manual breast pumps.

Manual breast pumps are very ideal s as well if you plan to use it for years as it will definitely last. Also, maintaining and cleaning it is very easy because there are no complicated additions to the breast pump and you can easily submerge it into warm water after using it. Manual breast pumps are very reliable because there are not too many parts that can break unlike in electric breast pumps.

Should you get a manual breast pump or an electric one?

However, the choice is still yours and if you’re a first time mother, choose a manual breast pump first and maybe you can buy an electric one as well and compare both. Manual breast pumps are for mothers who are stay-at-home moms especially during the first year of the baby because the baby needs to have milk a couple of times a day. There are many reputable brands that offer manual breast pumps in the market today and you can buy one in nursing stores or online. It is best that during your pregnancy, you should have a manual breast pump ready especially during the last stages of your pregnancy so you will be very well prepared when you give birth.

Manual breast pump
A Manual Breast Pump is perfect for mothers on a budget!

A manual breast pump is very durable and long-lasting and is perfect for mothers who are on a tight budget. A Manual breast pump is very easy to use as well and you won’t have any problems regarding batteries dying out on you right in the middle of it which can be very inconvenient. To top everything off, a manual breast pump is the most reliable breast pump there is and the most affordable. And it is really easy to clean . You should also get yourself a pair of nursing bras for the most comfortable breastfeeding ever, we highly recommend the Anita nursing bra.

Save money and time with a manual breast pump today!

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