Purely Yours Breast Pump

Purely Yours breast pump is one of the best breast pumps in the market today. It is best that you search for breast pumps during your pregnancy.

Also, this breast pump has gained a lot of good reviews from mothers who have experience on this product and majority of their reviews say that the breast pump is works really great! You can buy Purely Yours breast pump online or you can check out baby stores near you. Have a great and comfortable time breastfeeding with the use of Purely Yours breast pump.

This Purely Yours breast pump features:

  • Cool and carry tote
  • AC power adapter
  • Dual hygienekit milk collection system

Advantages of the Purely Yours breast pump:

  • Has a patented diaphragm to create a barrier which protects the pump and tubing from contamination
  • FDA approved
  • Very affordable
  • The milk flows directly from its horns to the bottle.
  • Easy clean
  • Very comfortable and powerful
  • Portable
  • The batteries can last for 3-4 40 minute pumping sessions
  • Can accept any standard size bottle
  • Very light

However, there are disadvantages as well:

  • The horns may break if used heavily

All in all, this breast pump is a good working one and will help you have a comfortable time while you are extracting milk from your breasts with the use of this breast pump. Also, they have attentive and very good customer service that can accommodate queries and other support regarding the breast pump. Just make sure that you change the white valves from time to time and it should not be cleaned with the use of a brush. This also comes with a cooling bag and freezer packs to keep everything cold and for an easy storage especially if you bring it to your office. We also recommend you yo check out the best nursing bras on the market.

Why should you get a Purely Yours Breast Pump

It is best that you give your breasts a rest and get yourself a breast pump especially if you’re a working mother. A manual breast pump will be perfect for mothers on a budget. Breastfeeding is very fulfilling and you will be able to give the best to your little one and your child will grow healthy and you will also make your child protected from most bacterias that can cause illnesses.

purely yours breast pump
However, don’t expect the breast pump to run quietly as breast pumps come with motor and its bound to make a bit of noise. You can also adjust the suction and speed which is great especially if it’s your first time to breast pump. Instead of buying high-end breast pumps that will cost you a lot, Purely Yours breast pump should be your choice because it is very affordable without sacrificing its quality. You will never go worng with their breast pumps and Purely Yours Breast Pump promises a convenient way to breast pump. Get your Purely Yours Breast Pump today!


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