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Your Guide to Cheap Maternity Clothes

Expecting mothers who are on a budget should still invest on maternity clothes. The good news is that there are cheap maternity clothes that you can buy. However, you will need to lower your standards when it comes to cheap maternity clothes. You should know that these clothes are usually in used condition.

If you are not too picky when it comes to maternity clothes, cheap maternity clothes will be a great choice for you. Where can you find cheap maternity clothes?


  • Thrift Stores – thrift stores hold a lot of different clothes that comes in very cheap prices. You will also find some beautiful maternity wear here. However, it will be a bit difficult for you to find maternity clothes.
  • Garage sales – your neighbor might have some maternity clothes to sell. Garage sales are also one of the best places to find cheap maternity clothes.
  • The Internet – this is the best place to find cheap maternity clothes! There are a lot of online sellers and trading websites that are offering maternity clothes in cheap prices. However, one must be cautious when buying online and it is always important that you only purchase from reputable sellers online.

Those are the three best places where you can find cheap maternity clothes.

When buying cheap maternity clothes, here are some tips to help you find the best clothes:


  • Inspect the clothing thoroughly, look for stains or holes. If buying online, make sure that the seller indicated the flaws and the condition of the clothing.
  • Always ask for the complete details of the clothing, whether you’re buying online or not, ask the size, color and styles.

When buying cheap maternity clothes, you should not expect too much from those clothes. Always keep in mind that these clothes are in used condition. However, there is still a possibility for you to score slightly used or new clothing being sold in a very cheap price.

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There is nothing wrong with buying cheap maternity clothes; in fact, some expecting mothers find this to be very practical since the clothes will only be used for nine months.

Finding Cute Pregnancy Clothes

Being pregnant can make you glow but it can also make you gain weight. However, gaining weight is part of the whole nine months and it is important that you look great during your pregnancy. One way to look great is through cute pregnancy clothes that you can find today.

It is a common issue for expecting mothers to feel so bloated and ugly during their pregnancy, this is a normal reaction for expecting mothers. You will be surprised of how cute pregnancy clothes can lighten your mood.


There are a lot of pregnancy clothes today, and they are even cuter than before. Where are the best places to find cute pregnancy clothes?


  • The Internet – there are a lot of online companies that are selling cute pregnancy clothes. In fact, there is a wider selection online! You will be able to find hard to find maternity clothes and even designer clothes. Also, you get a bigger chance of getting a discount.
  • Maternity stores- maternity stores now holds a wide selection of pregnancy clothes to choose from. A maternity store is the best place to buy maternity clothes and other maternity needs especially if you prefer shopping in physical stores.


Here are some of the maternity stores that you might want to check out:


  • Motherhood
  • Old Navy
  • NINE Maternity
  • GAP
  • A Pea in the Pod
  • Destination Maternity

You can visit these stores online or not and you will love the cute pregnancy clothes that they are offering.

For cute pregnancy clothes, you will find cute dresses, shirts, shorts and even business attire or formal attire for pregnant women. The best thing about these clothes is that they can be worn even after the pregnancy. This way, you will get your money’s worth.

Cute pregnancy clothes are very affordable. However, if you are looking for designer maternity clothes, you can find designer brands carrying this type of clothing. However, the price may be higher than the regular maternity clothes being sold today. You can also find maternity clothes designed by famous Hollywood celebrities! These are very popular because women get the chance to dress up like their favorite star!

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It is very important that a pregnant woman invest on cute maternity clothes because these clothes can give them the comfort and support that they need. These clothes are very convenient as well. Perfect for beautiful moms-to-be with growing bellies!

Pretty Pregnancy Underwear for your expanding belly

Find out everything you need to know about pregnancy underwear in this article! Many pregnant women find it practical to invest on maternity underwear. This is because these underwear are designed and made for pregnant women which means that these can give them the comfort and convenience that they need. However, there are some women that are doubtful when it comes to buying pregnancy underwear and this is because they think that they will be able to fit in their regular underwear once they hit the middle of their pregnancy and they are usually proven wrong because by that time, their bellies are bound to grow larger and they are boudn to gain more weight.

Once the belly expands, you will need a comfortable underwear that will not be tight so it won’t put pressure on the belly. That is why these pregnancy underwear are here to ensure that pregnant women will have a convenient time during their pregnancy and not being distracted or bothered by the tightness the feel below and they wouldn’t worry if the underwear is causing stress to the baby since it is tight.

Sexy pregnancy underwear is also available

There are many styles of pregnancy underwear that you can choose from and there is maternity lingerie as well that you can go for. In fact, there are even thongs and seamless underwear that you can wear to keep you looking sexy and stylish even during your pregnancy. You don’t have to wear oversized underwear just to be comfortable because pregnancy underwear these days come in all sizes to fit every pregnant woman’s body. It comes in many colors and designs as well that you can choose from.

pregnancy underwear from anita
Affordable pregnancy underwear

You can also buy a set of pregnancy underwear or you can buy it per piece. These are very affordable but if you are looking for the branded ones, expect it to be higher than the usual cost of the regular ones and you will need a higher budget. The good thing when it comes to investing on pregnancy underwear is that you will be able to make the most out of it since you will be wearing it every single day and it is also up to you if you wish to wear it even after your pregnancy. Since its an underwear, no one will take a peek aside form your husband and this way, you will have the choice to wear it even if you’re not pregnant anymore.

Pregnancy underwear will really give you maximum comfort, support and convenience that every pregnant woman needs and wants, so, check out the nearest maternity store in your area or you can also buy online or in big department stores.

Sexy Maternity Lingerie for Hot Mamas

Maternity lingerie is designed for comfort and sensuality. Being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to lose your being sensual and your husband will definitely appreciate this. Looking sexy during your pregnancy will help you emotionally as well since you are on an emotional rollercoaster during your pregnancy because of the hormonal changes that are taking place in your body which then make its toll on you emotionally.

Maternity lingerie will bring back your old self. The sexy woman with the right amount of confidence. Now, when it comes to maternity underwear, you will find a wide selection for this and many styles to choose from. Whether you have grown accustom to the terrific smooth look of things or would prefer something that stretches to fit comfortably over your stomach, current maternity lingerie offers a style and luxurious fabric selection for everyone.

Check out these stores for sexy maternity underwear:

Perfect Fit Maternity
Fertile Mind Maternity

For maternity bras, look for bras that will provide comfort, support and the lace or satin details that will help you feel sexy even when you think you look like a beach ball. You can also purchase maternity bras that double as nursing bras which will allow you to wear them after you deliver your baby. Also, when you’re purchasing a maternity bra, it is important to purchase one that fits properly today even if you anticipate your breasts will continue to grow throughout your pregnancy. A maternity bra that fits correctly will aid in relieving pressure on the back, will ease breast discomfort and will support the wieght of your breasts.

Maternity Lingerie can also offer support

When purchasing maternity lingerie as well, do not forget to pick up a maternity pantyhose. Maternity pantyhose are specially designed with extra wide waistbands that will fit over your growing bum without constantly rolling down into an uncomfortable wad below your stomach. Maternity support pantyhose can help prevent varicose veins and will also allow you to stand on your feet longer without feeling too tired.

Maternity Lingerie should be comfortable for sleeping as well

pink maternity lingerie
For maternity sleepwear, you can choose a sexy black lace camisole that stretches to create a form fitting fantasy that is guaranteed to catch the attention of your husband. You can think of maternity sleepwear as just something to put on or as a means of sparking your love life. Look for something that will make you feel good in and the best that will match your current styly and your inner beauty will shine through.

Before you purchase maternity lingerie, check the maternity store return policy always. This is because in most cases, lingerie is not returnable and you will also want to check the sizing chart. While typically a pregnant woman can expect to buy maternity clothes in the same size as she wore before pregnancy, each vendor may have a slightly different definition of what constitutes a small, medium or large. So, get your maternity lingerie now and look sexy and feel sexy.

Seamless Maternity Leggings

Maternity leggings are perfect to be worn during your pregnancy. It is very comfortable and convenient to wear and at the same time, it will give the support that you need for your growing belly. Anotherr good thing is that maternity leggings are very stylish and it comes in different colors as well but of course, nothing beats the classic black.

Having a pair of maternity leggings is just perfect especially if your pregnancy falls under the cold season and will reach the hot season, this is because leggings can be worn whether it’s cold and hot and it will not fail to give you comfort and convenience. Leggings can be worn under your dress if you don’t feel very comfortable in just a dress or you can pait it up with a nice tunic, t-shirt, blouse or even long tops.

Maternity leggings are really a-must for pregnant women. Simply pairing it up with some nice flats or sandals then you’re all set and you will look very stylish yet very comfortable.

Here are some of stores where you can find good quality maternity leggings:

Topshop Maternity
Isabella Oliver
Destination Maternity
A Pea in the Pod

You can choose from maternity leggings that are just a few inches below the knee or you can go for stirrups or maybe something that reaches the ankles. However, when you are looking for maternity leggings, you still need to go for the size that will fit you well. It’s not because it is stretchable you can just wear whatever size there is. Also, invest on a couple of these and maybe go for different colors? These maternity leggings are very affordable are very good investments because you can still wear it even after your pregnancy. Just make sure that the material or fabric is thick enough. Surely you don’t want something too thin as this can easily get damaged.

Maternity leggings are just the right thing for the trendy preggos

Maternity leggings
Maternity leggings is a-must in your pregnancy wardrobe. This is perfect to be worn also during the days when you don’t feel exerting too much an effort to look stylish and you just want to wear something comfortable, perhaps get a few maternity tunics to combine. These leggings are effortlessly stylish and it will definitely hug and emphasize your body more which will make you look a sexy pregnant woman. Maternity leggings are very easy to find. You can find it in maternity stores near your area and even in department stores. Some stores are listed above already and if you don’t feel up for shopping, you can buy maternity leggings from online retailers. Get a couple of maternity leggings and you don’t have to worry anymore on what to wear during your pregnancy.

Maternity tights for the Office

Maternity tights can keep your legs warm and is perfect for office attire as well. You may be able to achieve smooth thighs and this can reduce buttocks jiggle. It can also provide support for the belly and back and will help reduce swelling in your calves and ankles which is very normal for pregnany women. When you’re looking for tights, you might want to look in your pre-pregnancy size but if you’re baby is measuring quite a bit large, you may need to consider going up a size for comfort.

If you’re still on your first trimester, you can still fit into the size of your regular hosiery but once your waistline expands, this is the time that you need to look for maternity tights. There is a wide selection of maternity tights that can be found from lingerie retailers, hosiery companies and maternity stores. If you want to find the best tights for you, you may need to buy a couple from different brands and once you have tried everything on, you may be able to determine which brand has the most comfortable fit.

You may want to look at these maternity tights:

Maternity Fleece tight
Spanx Footless Maternity Tights
Noppies Maternity Tights

These maternity tights are one of the best and you might want to try it on. You can go to the maternity section found in large department stores because you may be able to find these brands of maternity tights.

Pregnancy should not hinder you from looking very fashionable. You may want to pick a couple of maternity tights and maternity stockings in different colors such as nude, black or tan-colored tights. There are many fashionable maternity tights that you can find in the market today. You can find it in specialty boutiques or from online retailers. Also, there are fishnet tights that you can go for if you wish to look very fashionable when you are about to go on a date with your husband.

black Maternity tights
Fashionable maternity tights

These maternity tights do not just offer fashion and style but it offers a lot of health benefits as well. You may be able to ro reduce the swelling of your legs and feet and you will stay warm especially during the cold season. The best part is, you may be able to wear these tights even after your pregnancy. You just nee dto take care of it very well and you will definitely find use for it even if you’re through with your pregnancy. Also, if you still have plans to get pregnant again, you need not buy anymore maternity tights and just use the old ones you had during your previous pregnancy which will save you a lot of money as well.

Maternity Stockings

Maternity stockings

Maternity stockings are also known as maternity hosiery. An inexpensive way to help prevent the occurrence of varicose veins that are very common in pregnant women. It can also help prevent or reduce swelling of the legs and feet and will help you ease the discomfort from it. If you’re thinking of opting for the standard pantyhose instead, this is not enough as this cannot support the proper support for blood circulation during pregnancy. Also, regular stocking are not strong enough to provide counterpressure to veins that is why you need maternity hosiery for you during your pregnancy.

Another good thing about maternity stockings is that it supports the abdomen too. This is such a big deal because pregnant women tend to complaing during the last few months of their pregnancy because their belly gets heavier and they experience more back and pelvic pains. These specialized stockings will assure you and help you relieve that pain caused by the pregnancy as it will give added support and you can walk or sleep more comfortably. There are also postpartum belts of maternity support belts that can provide you long-lasting abdominal support during your pregnancy.

There are many maternity stockings in the market today and this comes in cute patterns and lacey designs if you want to look stylish or cute. These maternity stockings have spandex content between 15%-35% so the stretch and flexibility won’t be an issue. The remaining fabric make-up is a nylon fabric.

Here are some of the maternity stockings manufacturers in the market today:

  • Motherhood Maternity
  • Gabriella

The two companies are the leading manufacturers of maternity stockings in the market these days as they give the best quality and cute designs, styles and sizes that can cater to every pregnant body shape. So, don’t let yourself get those unattractive varicose veins and wear maternity stockings for support. You will also feel less strain on your legs especially if you are the type of person that loves to walk around the park every day and they work wonderfully when you have to travel. Also, you will have more energy to shop for baby clothes because you have maternity stockings on. You might also find it interesting to look into maternity socks to stay warm and comfy during pregnancy.

Why you should get maternity stockings

Maternity stockings
Maternity stockings will provide you a more comfortable pregnancy and it is best to wear this during the last few months of your second trimester then up to the very last day of your pregnancy. This is because this is the period wherein your baby gains more weight and gets heavier. Don’t let yourself feel uncomfortable and dread pregnancy because there are many ways to help you become comfortable all throughout your pregnancy and it’s such a wonderful experience. So, if you’re pregnant, it’s time to shop for a couple of these maternity stockings because you will be needing these.

Maternity girdle

A maternity girdle covers the stomach up to just under the bust. If you will notice, the bottom hem of the legs of the girdle may be styled after a pair of panties, reach the mid thigh or just above the knee. It is a suppotive undergarment that provides pressure along the pelvis which raises the stomach. The back of a maternity girdle provides lumbar support for the lower back.

What are the benefits of maternity girdle?

Girdles for pregnant women have mant benefits. One, since wearing one means your stomach will be lifted, the pressure of the additional weight of pregnancy may be distributed evenly. This will obviously reduce the amount of pressure on the spine of the pregnant woman. There are also some models that are designed to increase circulation which will lead to decreased leg cramps. Aside from this, these maternity girdles are made from variety of materials. It may be made in cotton, jersey or nylon. However, lycra and spandex are the most popular fabrics. There are also maternity girdles that are specifically designed for postpartum use.

What should you keep in mind when buying maternity girdle?

There are some things that you will need to keep in mind when you’re looking for a maternity girdle. There are girdles that are too large or too small and do not offer proper support. Aslo, when you don’t care for it properly, it will stretch out or warp over time and will diminish the level of comfort and support it offers.

There are many maternity girdles available in the market today. These are also very affordable so you can buy a few to support you throught your pregnancy especially if you’re in your last trimester. That time is usually when baby gets pretty heavy and it will be difficult to move. You may also encounted back pains and even pelvic pains because of the pressure since the baby is growing even larger. That is the reason why you need a maternity girdle as it can lessen those pains and help you have a comfortable pregnancy. It’s not easy to carry a child in the womb for a whole nine months, that is why you need to be comfortable as much as possible.

Maternity girdle
Since there are so many models to choose from, a good maternity girdle will provide a lift for the tummy and give adequate support for the back as the back receives continuous stress. If you suffer for back pains, look for a model that has built-in inner band. There are also some models that come with a tummy cradle built into the front. This will help suppport the baby while you do more physical tasks. You can also go for models with lower openings that have adjustable clasps or those without elastic in front. If you still want to look sexy, there are styles that come in bikini or thong. Make sure that you buy a maternity girdle with a built-in cotton panty lining. You might also want to look for a a maternity hosiery for extra support.

Maternity socks

Maternity socks are here to relieve yourself from the usual pains pregnant women encounter. This will also prevent you from getting swollen feet especially during the last trimester of your pregnancy. It will also help increase your blood flow which is very important because you are carrying a baby in your womb.

Maternity socks can keep you warm as well and it is also perfect to wear under your pants especially when you’re going for quite a long walk. Go for maternity socks that are made from 199% cotton for pure comfort. These socks for maternity will bring comfort to your tired feet and aching legs from your long walk. Pregnant women usually get tired legs easily because of their pregnancy weight and they continue to grow larger throughout the whole pregnancy. It is not easy to carry a baby that is growing as well in the womb for nine months so it is best that you keep yourself very comfortable.

Why you should get yourself a pair of maternity socks

Maternity socks are also perfect for pregnant women who are currently on bed rest due to pregnancy complications.
Most of these women are not allowed to stand up and walk around as this can cause stress. That is why putting on maternity socks while lying down is perfect as this will keep the blood flowing and you will prevent swelling especially that you are more prone because you don’t have any physical activities. Maternity socks are life savers and it is very important that you get a couple of pairs during your pregnancy as these will help you a lot.

Wearing maternity socks while you’re lying down in your bed can also be perfect and you can also wear this all the time when you’re just staying at home. This will keep you feet and legs warm and you will have a more comfortable time. There are many brands of maternity socks in the market today.

Here are some of the leading brands of maternity socks that you might want to check out:

  • Old Navy
  • Sigvaris
  • Spanx Perfectoe

Maternity socks
You can check out maternity socks online or you can go to maternity stores near your area. You can also get your socks in the same color as your maternity bra! Now, you never have to worry about swollen ankles, legs or feet as these can be prevented and you can enjoy your pregnancy without these hassles. Make yourself very comfortable as pregnancy is not an easy task. Go for comfortable maternity clothing and remember that comfort must always come before style and design. You will also surely love the many vibrant colors of maternity socks and there are some that comes in different styles. However, finding maternity socks with design are difficult to find but you can go online and check out, you might score some. Stay comfortable during your pregnancy with maternity socks.

Plus size maternity pants

Plus size maternity pants are perfect for pregnant women who are on-the-go. These pants will also work best for women who are pregnant who wants to feel very comfortable when they go out. There are various maternity pants out there being catered by many maternity brands.

It is always best to go for plus sizes especially if you’re kind of in the big size. Especially, you should always expect that when you’re pregnant, you are bound to gain a couple of pounds. This is a necessity as well because you will need to eat for two especially that there is a baby growing inside of you and you want to keep the healthy one as healthy and as strong as possible.

Plus size maternity pants are very common for pregnant women. Instead of the usual jeans that comes with a button and zipper, these pants usually come with an elastic band for more comfort and this band is perfect as it can adjusts accordingly to the growing belly of a pregnant woman. You can go for skinny jeans or the usual cut of jeans.

Why do you need plus size maternity pants?

Plus size maternity pants will surely make a pregnant woman’s life even more comfortable. There is a wide range of maternity pants in plus sizes that are available online or you can also check out maternity stores. You will surely find a lot of maternity pants out there and the good thing about these pants is that you can still wear them right after pregnancy because it’s very stylish and it can be adjusted to fit your waist.

Plus size maternity pants
Plus size women can wear their maternity pants with a very beautiful top (with a good plus size maternity bra) that can spice up the whole outfit. A nice sandals or flats will also do and this will make pregnant women more relaxed and at the same time they look good as well. It is very important women who are pregnant should always be comfortable. Carrying a baby for 9 months is not a joke and it is best that you experience comfort as much as possible. Comfort comes with style as well and this goes to the plus size maternity pants that are being offered in the market nowadays.

Here are some styles of plus size maternity pants that you can choose from:

  • Black Yoga Pants
  • Classic Bootleg Pants
  • Capri pants
  • Denims
  • Skinny maternity pants
  • Pants with slits

These maternity pants also come in different colors that you can choose from. So, if you have a specific color in mind that will best go with a maternity top that you just bought you will surely find one. Have a comfortable pregnancy and reward yourself with some plus size maternity pants and you will surely have a smooth pregnancy.