Fuss-free breastfeeding with a convenient and comfortable nursing bra

A nursing bra will make nursing your baby convenient, comfortable and easier. During the last stages of your pregnancy, this is the time that you need to purchase some nursing bras to prepare for your child’s birth becase you will be nursing your baby as soon as he/she comes out of your belly. Nursing bras will offer you the best support that you need.

When nursing your baby, the first few weeks are indeed the hardest especially if you’re a first time mother. You will usually have sleepless nights because these weeks are the time when the baby feeds more. Breastfeeding is very good to your baby, so you should not deprive your child from breast milk and this can also create a bond between you and your baby. A nursing bra will play such an important role when you’re nursing your baby especially in public places. You can just quickly unhook the flaps and you will be able to present your breast to your baby for feeding.

What about an underwire nursing bra?

The good thing with nursing bras nowadays is that it comes in different styles, colors, sizes and designs that you can choose from. There are even nursing bras that looks exactly like lingeries. During the nursing period, you can still look good and stylish with the nursing bra that you are using. Gone are the days when nursing bras are huge and very unflattering and it even does not come with pads. Now, you can choose a nursing bra with pads or still the ones without it and there are nursing bras that come with underwires as well. However, a nursing bra with underwire is not recommended since it is known to block the milk ducts from producing milk but if you have special occasion to wear it to, it will be acceptable, you just have to take it off once you get home and change to a nursing bra without an underwire.

What about a strapless nursing bra?

Anita Nursing Bra
You can find a strapless nursing bra as well especially if you frequently wear sleeveless tops or dresses. Not everybody enjoys seeing women wearing sleeveless tops with their bra straps showing. There are a lot of colors as well instead of the usual black, beige or white. You may find red, yellow, pink, purple and many other colors.

Our absolute favorite nursing bra is the one to the left from Anita, in cotton, with softly padded straps and KwikKlip System.

There are also nursing bras that come with removable straps to make it easier for you.
A nursing bra is a life saver and once you buy a couple of nursing bras, do not forget the nursing pads as this will help with the milk leakages that can happen during the first few weeks.

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