Maternity Scrubs For Pregnant Nurses

If you’re a nurse or a doctor who’s currently in maternity, you don’t have to worry when it comes to your clothing inside your workplace because there are maternity scrubs that are made especially for you. Maternity scrubs are built much like other maternity clothes, but they include a stretch panel in the pants that can accommodate your expanding belly. The shirts also have extra fabric in the front and are sometimes cut longer than in the back so that they can hang evenly.

On the subject of finding them, there aren’t a large number of options. Only a few manufacturers sell them, and they are usually just solid colors or basic prints. Finding cute styles can really be a challenge.

Here are some of the manufacturers of maternity scrubs:

  • Landau
  • Karesan
  • Scrub Med
  • Sassy Scrubs
  • Cherokee

Find these stores online and contact them if you wish to inquire about their products. It is not very ideal that you try to fit on large scrubs because you will look like a tent in them. Stop trying too hard to fit in your regular scrubs because it’s not going to happen with that growing belly and additional weight. Even though there are only a few stores that have maternity scrubs, you should not let this bother you because you won’t be going to a runway or a special event. You will be working and will be dealing with sick people. The deisgn and style of your scrubs won’t matter to them.

Keep it simple when purchasing maternity scrubs

maternity scrubs from national scrubs
Just keep it plain and simple. Maternity scrubs don’t need to be stylish or fashionable because they are not meant to be worn like that. So if you find one, quickly grab it regardless of its deigns or print. As long as it fits you well and will give you the support, comfort and convenience that you need, then you should be fine. This pink maternity scrub on the left are from National Scrubs. It is cute and practical. Invest in maternity scrubs, especially if you plan to work until the last month of your pregnancy. Once you are done with it, you can either keep it or give it to your colleague who is pregnant. They are the best for pregnant women who work in medical facilities.

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