Black maternity dress

A black maternity dress will never go out of style. In fact, a black maternity dress is a-must have in every girl’s closet as this particular dress are perfect for night outs and formal occasions as well and it creates a vision in which it flatters the body and at the same time makes it look thin. It is also called a “slimming dress” as it can make the woman wearing it look skinnier. That’s why pregnant women also go for a black maternity dress especially during the first and second trimester.

However, a black maternity dress is not very ideal for day trips as this can make you look gloomy and you will not be able to show that pregnant glow as people will be more focused on the color of your dress. This is perfect for formal occasions or night outs. You can choose from long flowy ones to short dresses that come in different styles. Whether you opt for tube ones, asymetrical dress, venus-type dresses, halter ones or dresses that have spaghetti straps. There are really many styles of black maternity dresses in the market today. You can also opt for wrap-arounds or empire-waist black maternity dresses. Maybe you want to show the cleavage, then you should opt for dresses that have low necklines.

However, wrap dresses in black are one of the best body styles on the market for expecting women as it is very simple to wear and it is very flattering to many body types. Also, it is adjustable to your changing shape. A black maternity dress can either be formal or casual.

Here are some stores where you can get a black maternity dress:

  • Olian Maternity
  • A Pea In The Pod
  • Mother & Child
  • Loft
  • Shabby Apple

Examples of a black maternity dress

One example of a black maternity dress that is very popular in the market these days is the Mix-It Materniy Black Dress. The maternity dress can be transformed into a cute halter, tube or even skirt. Yes, 3 looks in 1! It will give you nine looks from a halter, front wrap, strapless, one shoulder, skirt and more. The design itself is made to go grow with you throughout the duration of the pregnancy. This is perfect dress and it can save you a lot of money because you will be able to have it styled in different ways.

Black maternity dress
Another example is the Pleated Maternity Black Dress which is one of the sought after maternity black dress with a unique design as it incorporates a bodice that will show off your newly enhanced cleavage and comes with a full skirt that is flowing and ends just below the knee.

Check out some of these black maternity dresses online or you can always check maternity stores nead you. A black maternity dress will really do the trick if you’re not up for vibrant colors and printed patterns and if you are experiencing the “I-feel-fat” day.

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