Seven Maternity Jeans

Seven maternity jeans will make you look and feel sexy even if you’re pregnant. We all know that Seven maternity jeans are the trendiest jeans for expecting moms who love to stay fashionable and stylish. The brand name is also known as Seven for All Mankind. During pregnancy, women may feel insecurities and self-consciousness because being pregnant may cause signs that can affect the physical appearance and women tend to gain a couple of pounds. That is why pregnant women needs something that can boost their self-esteem and feel more confident about their physical appearance.

Seven maternity jeans will bring out the confident you and we all know that confidence is very sexy, yes, even for a pregnant woman. There are many different styles of seven maternity jeans. These different styles are specifically designed to fit every woman’s body shapes and contours. This will also make pregnant women look very stylish with some cropped styles. Seven also has maternity and nursing wear that will make pregnant women and nursing mothers very comfortable. It is always said that when you’re buying jeans, whether it’s from a designer or not, it is always best that you buy one size that is larger than your original size. This is because your belly will expand more and you will gain a couple more pounds throughout your pregnancy and you don’t want to wear maternity jeans that are too tight as this will make uncomfortable and at the same time it is very bad for the baby.

Here are some Seven maternity jeans that are very popular now:

  • Secret Fit Belly – a 5-pocket wide leg maternity jeans. It has a 34-inch spandex inseam and it is machine washable. This comes in different colors and sizes.
  • The Over/Under the Belly Bootcut Jean – this is less expsive and is made out of 97% cotton and 3% spandex which is very comfortable and can easily be worn. Comes in various colors and sizes as well.
  • Secret Fit Belly slim leg Maternity Jeans – this may be a little bit on the expensive side but it is definitely worth it. It comes in dark color and has a plain weave of denim cotton and is made out of spandex.
  • Petite Secret Fit Belly – a plus size jeans that is made out of medium ringspun denim cotton or 30-inch spandex inseam.
  • Citizens Classic Wash Maternity Jeans – a 34 ½ inch inseam and is made out of denim and cotton spandex. Comes with an elastic maternity waistband which makes it very comfortable.

Seven maternity jeans
Where can you buy Seven Maternity Jeans?

If you’re looking for seven maternity jeans, you can buy them in their stores and maybe check out some famous maternity stores near your area. You can also check it out online. Get a pair of seven maternity jeans and look fabolous and the coolest pregnant woman ever. Taller women can also check out tall maternity jeans here. Look good in seven maternity jeans!

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