Nursing pillows

Nursing pillows will play such important roles during your nursing period. You want to feel comfortable as you can and these nursing pillows are used for the baby as well. This will give you a comfortable nursing time. It is very important especially during the first few days because you may still have wound either on your genital area or on your belly, but you need to nurse your baby immediately as the baby needs to get the first milk from your breasts as this is very important. Aside from this, breastfeeding your baby is the most wonderful thing that you can give to your baby, you will also have a closer bond with your child and you are protecting your child from illnesses and making him/her stronger because of your breast milk.

Nusing pillows will also help with positioning and latch of your baby. This can help preventg problems with nursing and make it a more comfortable experience for you and your baby.

Here are some of the top nursing pillows that you might want to try:

Boppy – this particular pillow is not originally designed as a nursing pillow but it has come to be used quite frequently for nursing. It is becase mothers love the dual use of the pillow as a nursing pillow and a baby toy as well. Also, it comes it different colors and pattern as well and recently, there are Boppy pillows that have removable covers on some models.
Natural Nursing Pillow – this pillow is less circular and will fit your lap instead of your waist. There are bright designs for this and you can use this for other things as well.
Utterly Yours Breast Pillow – this is quite different from most breastfeeding pillows as this one supports the breast for hands free nursing instead of supporting the baby. A perfect pillow for new moms and works very best for mothers that are well-endowed.
My Best Friend Pillow – this pillow can wrap around your waist for a secure fit while you fee dyour baby. It comes with latch risers as well for proper latching for breastfeeding babies. There are pockets as well that will help you store items you need while feeding your baby.
Nurse Prop R Pillow – an adjustable pillow that encircles that waist for support for mom’s back and will also give mothers the freedom to move. The angle of each side is adjustable to help prevent air from getting in your baby’s mouth which can cause colic. Comes with handy side pockets as well. While pregnant you can use nursing pillows to stay comfortable or you can buy a maternity body pillow.

So, are you ready to buy your nursing pillows?

Nursing pillows
These nursing pillows will really give you the comfort and convenience that you need while you are breastfeeding your baby. You can find nursing pillows in different maternity stores or specialty nursing stores or you can always check online for a wider selection.

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