Maternity girdle

A maternity girdle covers the stomach up to just under the bust. If you will notice, the bottom hem of the legs of the girdle may be styled after a pair of panties, reach the mid thigh or just above the knee. It is a suppotive undergarment that provides pressure along the pelvis which raises the stomach. The back of a maternity girdle provides lumbar support for the lower back.

What are the benefits of maternity girdle?

Girdles for pregnant women have mant benefits. One, since wearing one means your stomach will be lifted, the pressure of the additional weight of pregnancy may be distributed evenly. This will obviously reduce the amount of pressure on the spine of the pregnant woman. There are also some models that are designed to increase circulation which will lead to decreased leg cramps. Aside from this, these maternity girdles are made from variety of materials. It may be made in cotton, jersey or nylon. However, lycra and spandex are the most popular fabrics. There are also maternity girdles that are specifically designed for postpartum use.

What should you keep in mind when buying maternity girdle?

There are some things that you will need to keep in mind when you’re looking for a maternity girdle. There are girdles that are too large or too small and do not offer proper support. Aslo, when you don’t care for it properly, it will stretch out or warp over time and will diminish the level of comfort and support it offers.

There are many maternity girdles available in the market today. These are also very affordable so you can buy a few to support you throught your pregnancy especially if you’re in your last trimester. That time is usually when baby gets pretty heavy and it will be difficult to move. You may also encounted back pains and even pelvic pains because of the pressure since the baby is growing even larger. That is the reason why you need a maternity girdle as it can lessen those pains and help you have a comfortable pregnancy. It’s not easy to carry a child in the womb for a whole nine months, that is why you need to be comfortable as much as possible.

Maternity girdle
Since there are so many models to choose from, a good maternity girdle will provide a lift for the tummy and give adequate support for the back as the back receives continuous stress. If you suffer for back pains, look for a model that has built-in inner band. There are also some models that come with a tummy cradle built into the front. This will help suppport the baby while you do more physical tasks. You can also go for models with lower openings that have adjustable clasps or those without elastic in front. If you still want to look sexy, there are styles that come in bikini or thong. Make sure that you buy a maternity girdle with a built-in cotton panty lining. You might also want to look for a a maternity hosiery for extra support.

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