Beautiful maternity bridesmaid dresses

If you got invited to be a bridesmaid on a friend’s wedding day and you’re pregnant, no worries as there are many maternity bridesmaid dresses that you can find. Yes, made especially for pregnant women. That is why you’re pregnancy should not hinder you from attending your friend’s wedding. Here are some tips when you are choosing maternity bridesmaid dresses.

When you are selecting maternity bridesmaid dresses, it is important tha you keep it simple. You don’t want a dress that comes with bows, lace or ruffles which will add to the bulk of your already pregnant body. Since maternity bridesmaid dresses will only be worn once, keep it looking sleek and classic for you to be able to wear the dress on other occasions as well as with any formal maternity wear. However, if you are having difficulties on finding maternity bridesmaid dresses that fits you, you may want to conside having your dress customized but made from the same fabric that your friend will use on other dresses.

The final fitting of maternity bridesmaid dresses

Also, you must remember that you should not go for final fitting of maternity bridesmaid dresses until a few days before the wedding especially if you’re in the last stages of your pregnancy. You must keep in mind as well that you should buy a maternity bridesmaid dress bigger that you think you need. This will make it easier for you to have the dress altered down than to try to add additional fabric. Most importantly, never try to cover up the pregnancy. The more fabric you add to the dress in order for you to hide your pregnancy the bigger you will look. That is why you will need to choose a design will properly fit your pregnant body.

Since your friend who will get married will do all the shopping, you must go with her when choosing a dress for you and when it comes to the shoes, you must keep the heels low. You must keep everything really simple and you must remember that the bride should be the belle of the ball.

purple maternity bridesmaid dresses
Renting maternity bridesmaid dresses

Keeping these tips in mind will help you get the best maternity bridesmaid dresses that will rightly fit you. However, if you are to come with whatever dress you want and you just have to follow the theme of the wedding, you might want to consider renting a dress instead of buying one. That is, if the bride allowed you to go as you please on her wedding day or if the wedding isn’t that formal and just a small gathering. If you still choose to buy maternity bridesmaid dresses, go for something that is very simple yet will flatter your body and you will feel comfortable in.

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