Playtex Nursing Bras

Playtex nursing bras

One brand of nursing bra that mothers will surely love is the Playtex nursing bras. The name Playtex is very well-established and has been very popular all over the world. Now, they have expanded their products to cater to mothers who just gave birth and are currently breastfeeding their little ones.

Playtex nursings bras are made for women of all ages. The Playtex nursing bras offer a discreet way to nurse your baby and still looking elegant while wearing it. We all know that there are nursing bras out there that are unflaterring. Being a woman who has just given birth, who normally would have gained a couple of pounds throughout her whole pregnancy wants to look pretty and attractive even when they are nursing their babies. These nursing bras offered by Playtex will still make your breasts very flattering and pleasant to look at so when your darling husband checks on you, he will find his very attractive wife nursing his child.

You should also expect that Playtex nursing bras may be slightly higher in price compared with other nursing bras. This is because they only give the best quality and comfort. When it comes to its appearance as well, you will surely love the different styles they offer to nursing mothers out there. It comes in a variety of sizes and colors. They have underwire nursing bras and they also have padded ones. The cup sizes come in typical sizes from 34B to 44D with different numbers of hooks for different sizes. Mothers who lave large breasts due to pregnancy and due to lactation can still enjoy the same comfort and elegance that their slightly smaller counterparts have come to know and love.

Here are some tips that you should keep in mind to get the best Playtex nursing bras:

  • If the bra cup cuts into your skin or make your breasts spill over the top of the cups, this simply means that the cups are too small. So, once you have encountered this, you might want go up at least one cup size. If you have large breast, you might want to try plus size maternity bras.
  • Bras that ride up in the back may have a band size that is too large or straps that aren’t positioned correctly.
  • If the bra staps continue to fall off the shoulders, this indicated that the bra is too large or that bra straps are not properly adjusted
  • Remember to always care for your nursing bra the way you take care of your other bras.
  • Never put a Playtex nursing bra in the dryer and rotate the bras from day to day to allow each bra time to return to its original fit and pre-treat milk stains with a laundry detergent that contains enzyme to dissolve the stains.

playtex nursing bras
Playtex nursing bras are really a life saver for nursing mothers. These nursing bras will give you the much needed comfort you need from a bra that you need especially when you’re still recovering from your previous delivery of your child. Aside from this, if you plan to have a day-out or a night-out with your husband, you will simply look amazing with nursing bras and these will not look very obvious at all.

Get your Playtex nursing bras now – they are your best choice.

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